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Allergens in Exotic Woods

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  • Allergens in Exotic Woods

    Detailed description of the different allergens found in tropical and domestic hardwoods.

    Full document can be found here:

    The document is in French but the tables are easy enough to understand in English.

    There is also some interesting links to other resources on wood dust allergens on page 11

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    Re: Allergens in Exotic Woods

    almost as deadly as non organic strawberrys


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      Re: Allergens in Exotic Woods

      I'm a full time wood worker and I have no reactions to any wood except Western Red Cedar. It has Acide plicatique and the only other wood that does is White Cedar and it is the only wood with B-thujaplicin. It sucks because I'd like to use it but I get the whole stuffy nose, itchy eye, closed throat thing and respirator barely helps.


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        Re: Allergens in Exotic Woods

        It really varies from person to person. And, like exposure to epoxy hardener, it can be cumulative. I had a foreman once who started having skin reactions. First to western red cedar, then to other species. She finally had to change careers, and give up even hobby woodworking. She made more money as a programmer... but said she missed the shop a lot. I, otoh, have never had a hint of reaction to wood exposure. After 60+ years around it and nearly 50 years as a professional.
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          Re: Allergens in Exotic Woods

          I was putting down some sort of Brazilian hardwood flooring for a customer on a hot sunny day along with my son.
          While inside the house we had no problems but when we went outside and our sweat and sawdust covered arms were exposed to the sun, it was like our arms had been set on fire. Luckily the customer had a garden hose close by!
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