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Adirondack Guideboat questions

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  • Adirondack Guideboat questions

    Here's another AG question: Someone not too, too far from me is selling an Adirondack guideboat with dimensions and build I'm not quite familiar with. The boat is 14' long and 40" wide. It's thus 2' shorter than the standard design. Is that too short? What might one expect of an AG with those dimensions? Plus, the boat is made of cedar strips, without any kind of framing. Will that be heavier or lighter than traditional construction?

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    Re: Adirondack Guideboat questions

    There is one design I know of for a 14' GB, so it's not unprecedented.
    A 40" beam on a 14' GB will certainly make it slower than the normal 16' boat.
    If the cedar strips are covered inside and out with fiberglass, it will be heavier than
    a traditional boat. That said, no one portages their boats from lake to lake anymore.
    Most are on trailers so any extra 20 lbs. or so isn't going to matter much.
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      Re: Adirondack Guideboat questions

      14' is a quite common length for a guideboat. Being shorter , it will not glide as well as a 16'. Is the 40" measurement at center, and outside the gunwale to outside gunwale? Guideboats are measured inside the planking, not total width. If it is around 38" then it it typical.