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Dinghy with removeable transom

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  • Dinghy with removeable transom

    I know a lot of people seem to like storing their dinghy either in davits (my beam tapers at the stern, so I have a small transom) or on the foredeck (I happen to like having access to my foredeck; no roller furling). Neither of these things really work for me. Instead, I'm thinking it would be a better idea to turn the skiff upside down and mount over the forward cabin. This would allow me about 10' below the fore boom (I have raised the gooseneck up since this photo was taken).

    The problem with this is that it completely blocks the companionway going below. Sure, I could slide the hatch back, but I would have to squeeze under the transom of the dinghy (assuming it is upside down and the bow is pointing forward). Now... if I made the transom removeable, say with a good gasket, and six or eight studs with wingnuts, I could stow the board with the dinghy, and could easily go below or come up on deck. The dinghy would also double as a hardtop for the forward companionway to keep the rain out with the hatch open when underway.

    I'm thinking a nutshell pram or something similar to maximize stability for a given size. What are your thoughts, and does something like this already exist?
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    Re: Dinghy with removeable transom

    I adapted several dinks to over the companion dodgers by way of a removable transom. It takes a good saber saw and some forethought. Like compression latches. Makes for a great cockpit shelter.


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      Re: Dinghy with removeable transom

      That's a great idea! I didn't consider that an existing boat could be ... retrofitted. Do you have any pictures or details of how you restructured the transom?

      How did you secure it to the cabin? I'm also considering adding grab rails to the underside of the hull so that a person would have something to hold onto while walking past it.
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        Re: Dinghy with removeable transom

        I have a SeaHopper folding dinghy that stores on the cabin top. Varnished plywood fits the style of the mother ship.


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          Re: Dinghy with removeable transom

          It forces one to keep the dingy bottom very clean.
          They tend to get stinky
          ever actually stashed a dingy on a cabin top? Low pressure in the cabin,(caused by companioway opening aft) pulls that stench below
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            Re: Dinghy with removeable transom

            My thoughts are...a design based on a Whitehall that has a very high fixed transom as a matter of course, but then build it to 7-9 ft with the transom built a station forward instead (where the rowers feet reach). Then build it with the planking and bottom as per 8-9ft and add a floor so that you have a transom scooop/ swim platform aft of the transom. Will help gettting back in and a place to sit for swimming. Something small already like the skinny 12ft Oughtred's Acorn Skiff (a mini whitehall in style) would be a good start shape to further shorten and adapt. Planking would need to be kept light as it's going to bend/ twist more quickly. Being shorter and a high transom, it'll be a bit less stable but still row OK.

            This but built to 9ft or so, transom where that seat is and level to the top of that bottom transom plank aft of it for a swim platform and it'll miss your companionway.

            If you went for a latched transom instead then a high Whitehall style will still be a good candidate as it will mean less stress on any sealing. It'll also not transom drag at high loadings.
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