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Egret : Parker vs Wooden Boat

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  • Egret : Parker vs Wooden Boat

    someday I would like to build an Egret. I think it would be an absolute blast to sail one. I love the look of the woodenBoat versionbut but I think Parker's version has the more more comfortable interior. any thoughts? I think either one would fall within my skill set.

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    Re: Egret : Parker vs Wooden Boat

    have you read the Sharpie Book by Reul Parker? Lots of information there. I think the Parker design is superior in performance and interior space. A carefully designed Raised Deck, as discribed in the book and shown on the "Lahoma" would result in a useful cabin.

    Have Fun, Michel


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      Re: Egret : Parker vs Wooden Boat

      I'd expect Iain Oughtred's version Haiku to out sail both in open water and to be more responsive on the helm. Should turn on a sixpence. Much better foil aspect ratio. Better rig arrangement. Much higher performance and sleeps 4. It applies some modernity to Munroe's concept...

      On Egret sharpies those ultra low aspect sharpie rudders will lift out of the water in green waves. Competely what you don't want. They will steer in ultra shallow water if you're in very skinny flat water, but otherwise it's like sailing with your rudder up permanently the rest of the time. Iain's twin offset boards sit in the seat fronts vacating the saloon floor as well. Having a pair available at anchor will also reduce roll speeds and movement.
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        Re: Egret : Parker vs Wooden Boat

        Wow, nice Rhinoing there.


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          Re: Egret : Parker vs Wooden Boat

          Barnaby Scott built one here in the UK. He is a furniture maker working in CNC and modelled Haiku to cut out. Although it's single chine hull and with easyish stems would make for a (relatively) easy boat to build. He went super deluxe on the turn over jig - quite the engineers approach.

          He blogged as far as turnover, some years ago, I guess she must be finished and sailing unless work got in the way.

          There was another one built professionally and featured in Watercraft magazine, I think he might have changed the cabin top if I remember, slightly. I like the Egret boats, Haiku alot: plenty of waterline and light, will skim over the shallower areas inshore where it's more interesting. Also lift early on a drying mooring. The West plunge saw scarfer attachment would make quick work of joining some panels for something like this, though I think it's limited to 9mm.

          My brain is telling me there are two differnet interior layout options 'as drawn' with Haiku - one with the two extra child berths and one without.
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            Re: Egret : Parker vs Wooden Boat

            David Ferch built a model Haiku and sailed it. Don't know how much ballast had to be added with a model, but it's still a mesmerising watch.

            Youtube link for full page view...

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              Re: Egret : Parker vs Wooden Boat

              Reuel has several versions, some pretty large.
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                Re: Egret : Parker vs Wooden Boat

                I like the version drawn by Frank Brown as part of the HAMMS project, available from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The Browns built many of the Commodore's boats, including EGRET.