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    While recently looking through an old book on motor-sailors I found a design by Gordon Munro that interested me. The Mystic Seaport web site shows many Gordon Munro designed boats in it's old Rudder Magazine listings. Most of his work seems to have been done during the 1920's and 1930's. Does anyone know if his designs have been archived or published in a book?

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    The Munroes were a talented family. My boat, Patience, was designed by Wirth Munroe, the Commodore's son. I understand that the family was well known in Coconut Grove, Florida, and there is a local museum of sorts that has information on the family. Please let us know if you find anything of interest.


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      The Munroes were indeed a talented family and I initially though that Gordon Munro was one of them. The different spelling seemed to be a mistake at first but later I found references to Gordon Munro on the Mystic Seaport web site. That is why I posted the question hoping that someone would be able to lead me in the right direction. Unfortunetly the 30' boat that I am interested in was not included on the list of his designs showcased in Rudder magazine.