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    Good point regarding 2 vs. 4. On the welsford forum it has been mentioned that moving the aft bulkhead is a possiblity (and has been done on one boat). Also, extending the quarter births aft a bit and putting a V berth in forward could give enough room to squeeze the family in for a weekend. Finally, there is always sleeping out under a boomtent. Of course, any changes would need to be run by the designer. Here are some pictures from one under construction.

    The bulkhead with ovals in it is temporary.

    I do like Penguin and Welsford is coming out with an under 20' boat similar in design to Penguin called Scout.


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      Here is an interesting 19' boat. Not quite sure how comfortable the under the cockpit berth would be or what that does to the comfort of the cockpit. Don't know how to read russian either [img]tongue.gif[/img] . Pilgrim 590


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        Welsford's Sweet Pea is a daysailer with a deck and a cuddy. The "cabin" looks like a nice place to store the lunch basket, a spare jib, and some PFDs but not a place you'd want to try to squeeze in four humans. I don't think that hull would even allow your children to sit up straight in the cubby.

        I have some questions about the weight of the boat, too, but with the extremely sketchy information available without paying money, I can't tell for sure. It has a steel board and is built of 9mm ply and still only weighs 600-700 pounds? Something's got to give, and I'm guessing it is the hull depth (like, it's a daysailer with a cubby).

        Don't get me wrong -- I am huge Welsford fan. My PC wallpaper used to be a Navigator sailing on emerald green seas. I bought his book. I'm just wondering out loud if you are going to get what you are looking for.

        Have you written John and asked him if he thinks his boat would be a good match for your needs?

        - Rick

        My current wallpaper:


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          Dudley Dix is coming out with a new MiniTrans design more suited to the cruiser than racer.

          It's 21 LOA which is longer than your specs but I thought I'd give it a mention.

          It has a lifting keel for trailerability and launching.

          In my opinion it has a very nice and fair hull shape, a bit more beam than most are used to but a good shape none the less.

          That's all I know for now, the study kit is in the mail.

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