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Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

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  • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

    Count down from five.


    It went off so fast I never did see it. With a cloudy sky and a white rocket, I never saw a thing.

    But the pick up boat did.

    I didn't hang around to see who won. They were all winners
    of course.

    Over on Fire Fighter, Nick and I finished up tightening the bolts holding the intake pipes together. Last week we were not able to find a 1 1/2" socket so I brought one from home.

    Up in the turn out room, Jake and Stan were prepping the bases of the intake filter/screens for painting.

    Stan had red primer on this at the end of the day.


    • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

      Nick is trying to tighten the packing gland on this pump. Naturally, the nuts were rusted and there was no moving it. So next week we're going to try a method that Scott suggested.

      Heat the screw and nut and melt candle wax into the threads. We'll see.

      WD-40 wasn't working.

      I went up to the machine shop to get some wrenches for this project.

      I found the Draken hauled out for hull maintenance.

      The World´s largest Viking Ship Sailing in modern times.

      They have a Pod for storage.

      Care to volunteer?


      • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

        A week or so ago I assumed the crew was going to pour new Babbitt bearings for the Dunton's donkey engine.

        It appears to be the right assumption.

        I don't know if this is any good because these guys work on Wednesday. Perhaps next week it will be back in the engine.

        On Catherine, he is going to add another futtock. The other two joints are too close together so adding another will make it strong. Here, he is making a template.

        The shaft bore needs to be straight so this rig will hold it true when they bore it to size.

        I took a look inside LA Dunton to see how that job is coming along.

        There were mostly storage bins used to hold fish in this area plus stairs so visitors could go below. Now all that is gone.

        Looking forward.


        • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

          Looking aft.

          I asked Mike, the apparent lead on this restoration, if the keel was in good shape. He said he doesn't know yet. More needs to be uncovered.

          More on this later.

          Here is the tour boat that Mystic bought. The original owner took water tours up to and around the seaport all summer long.

          Now, we own it plus 100 feet of dockage behind the S&P Oyster house downtown. (Another great place to eat.) Now volunteers will be able to get a ride to and from downtown for free if there is room.


          • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

            May 11, 2023

            It snowed last night? Really?

            Well, not quite.

            And it's not Christmas either.

            Hallmark channel's, Mystic Christmas is being shot at the seaport and surrounding places near by.

            The green trees make it look somewhat non-Christmas for those of us in the northern states, but those in Hawaii probably wouldn't even notice.

            I didn't find anything on there website, but it's early.


            • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

              We didn't do very much today.

              There were hundreds of kids at the seaport with school groups. One thing I learned early on while giving tours on Fire Fighter, Do Not let a lot of kids on board in large groups. They are generally uncontrollable and don't pay attention. So, the closed sign stayed up until they disappeared.

              So we played and cleaned in the turnout room.

              That's it for our work for the day.

              After lunch I walked through the shipyard.

              Ann was working on Dunton.

              Susan was painting Sabino parts.

              Sabino's bottom caulking.

              Trim work is going on inside.


              • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

                Another Catherine Wedmore futtock gets a coat of paint.

                It goes somewhere up there.

                The Draken will be with us in storage again for the summer. The crew is pretty much done with maintenance and are getting ready to cover it up again.

                The boat house crew is getting their fleet ready.

                As I was leaving I found another school group lined up for a class photo.

                Interesting. All day long and the snow never melted.


                • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

                  Thanks, as always, for these updates!

                  There are two kinds of boaters: those who have run aground, and those who lie about it.


                  • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

                    May 19, 2023

                    You're welcome, Kevin.

                    Slow day yesterday. Jake and Stan were off and all I did was a few tours.

                    Nick was over from Long Island for the day.

                    He spent most of the time filtering the fuel and putting it into the tanks between the two big engines.

                    He and Jim spent most of the day together.

                    Nick on the
                    left . Jim on the right.

                    Using a dip stick, Nick is measuring the fuel level.

                    They started the engines later on, but to get ready, Nick is starting the air compressor.

                    About this time I gave my first tour. It was easy because it was just one couple. As we made our way to the engineer's station I explained that the panel was live and we had to keep away.

                    They seemed to grasp that concept pretty easily.

                    Actually it's no big deal when there are only a few people. But when larger groups come down and we don't even go up there when it's live.

                    Later, because it was slow, I walked up to the shipyard.

                    On the way, Liberty was set to take off on a tour.

                    It's a very nice narrated tour of the water side of the seaport.

                    For an extra $5.00, it's certainly affordable. (Affordable? Been to a restaurant lately?)

                    Backing out.

                    A little farther on, LA Dunton is now on the hard and it will have some displays around her.

                    This is a fish drying table that has been used for years over between where Dunton is normally and the green.


                    • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

                      Because the Catherine Wedmore is having work done in the yard, I explored a little on line about her.

                      I found this picture of the Thomas Oyster Company. It had been located next door to where the Catherine Wedmore was docked in the City Point section of New Haven.

                      Thomas Oyster House is one of the few remaining buildings that could be classified as a typical small northern oyster house. Located in Mystic, CT.

                      There was no one there at the time, but here are both sides of her stern.

                      Some work is still needed here.

                      But on the other side, nothing has been done yet.

                      Sabino was supposed to be launched today, but there were delays.

                      Susan got some time to do a little painting.

                      In the machine shop, Nate is back to work after a couple of months time off. He had a few new parts installed. He says it still hurts but he's doing much better now.

                      Here he is using a motor and belt to break in the new piston rings. He has done this on all the engines he's worked on. He's still a few weeks away from starting it up.


                      • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

                        May 25, 2023

                        As I drove into the shipyard I spotted Sabino moving towards her home pier. Earlier in the week she was put on the lift dock and lowered to wet her bottom and swell the wood.

                        Several hours later it was found she needed a little more caulking so she was raised again.

                        Next time all was good and today she came home.

                        I walked over to her berth and found the guys anxiously waiting for her.

                        Time to go to work.

                        Next up will be electrifying the new motor and generators.

                        I have heard they are already taking reservations for cruises down the river so I guess the pressure is on.


                        • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

                          For me, it was a very busy day. I spent most of the day giving tours on board Fire Fighter.

                          The museum was flooded with school groups and while I love kids, school groups can be a disaster. On Fire Fighter I was lucky when at the last moment they turned and went the other way. In large groups, kids seem to go wild. Trying to talk while giving a tour really doesn't work very well.

                          So, I got lucky. I had mostly adults.

                          And they were generous. T shirts sales and donations were up.

                          I used the acronym B.O.A.T (Break out another thousand.) But I also added that in Fire Fighter's case it would be, B.O.A.H.T. (Break out another hundred thousand.)

                          Hey, it seemed to work.

                          Oh yes, you can donate too.

                          The Fireboat Fire Fighter Museum would like to thank our sponsors and supporters for their continued assistance with our efforts to preserve and restore the Fire Fighter.   Please click the logos below to visit their websites.

                          So we were flooded with kids.

                          This picture doesn't really show the density, but there were a lot of kids!

                          I did stop in to see Nate. He's been taking it easy. He's still a bit sore after getting a new replacement part.

                          Here he is doing two jobs at once. Here he is breaking in the new rings on his engine to the left and on the right he is making more wick used in starting the Wolverine engine. He rebuilt that engine a few years ago.

                          On the left is the engine where he has a gear motor
                          slowly turning the flywheel. He is trying to seat the rings.

                          20 RPM +/-? Not very fast.

                          On the right is his Maypole machine. At least that's what he called it.

                          He gets to sit and watch them both.

                          This video if from a while back.

                          Lastly today.

                          Steve has been working at the seaport longer than most people have been alive. He has more five-year stars on his name badge that I can count.

                          He is one of the seaports gardeners. There are a lot of gardens at the seaport.

                          This is just across from the Morgan.

                          He is also a photographer. He always displays at the Mystic Art Show every year.

                          Or, look here.

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                        • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

                          June 1, 2023

                          I had a very busy day.

                          Jake and I were alone on Fire Fighter yesterday and he had to leave early so I carried the ball for the rest of the day.

                          My job has been giving tours and I scheduled one tour every 45 minutes.

                          It was exhausting, especially being alone. For the most part, tours take around 40 minutes, but then I need to help people but tee shirts, etc.


                          After I locked up the boat and started to drive home I finally remembered that I had left the donation can outside on deck. It's an old fashioned soda acid fire extinguisher. It's the kind you turn over to start the stream of liquid fire retardant when. This is where all the money goes, including tee shirt sales and donations.

                          Wanna volunteer? We could really use the help.

                          Nate was missing today.

                          So I wandered around a bit before getting started.

                          Greg and the guys were getting ready to haul out Roann.

                          She came out later this morning but I was already giving tours on Fire Fighter.

                          Catherine Wedmore.

                          The work in the stern is about half done. The starboard side frames appear to be complete, bit the port side hasn't been started yet.

                          Up forward on the port side, most of the replacement futtocks are in and it looks like they are getting ready to start replacing the planking. I've never seen it done like this before.

                          These strings run almost the entire length of the boat.

                          A little more work to do on a futtock.

                          He seems to be making a
                          template for a futtock .


                          • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

                            In the barn, Tom is building another mast for the "Tea Fleet" in Boston.

                            This is the tail stock end.

                            This is the head stock end.

                            In the center, he is setting up a steady rest.

                            The ring rolls on rollers about half way down.

                            The Rossi Mill is getting a new roof. This is how they are getting rid of the old roofing.

                            Up keep on a museum is almost as expensive as maintaining a boat.


                            • Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

                              June 8, 2023

                              I arrived early to unload a couple of steel plates from my truck. Before the seaport opens I can drive in, but have to be out by opening time.

                              A few years ago I bought these two steel plates to be used on the Sabino as floorboards in the boiler room. I had a machine shop willing to cut a crosshatch pattern to make the surface "non-skid." It was supposed to be a Free-bee. (SP?)

                              Well after a few months of "Not yet, I'm sorry," I went to another machine shop and paid to have the work done. The other shop is a friend, but not that good a friend. So I paid to get the work done. Not very much. He is a friend after all.

                              But his machine could not handle these larger plates. So I bought three smaller plates that would fit. He did it right away and I delivered them to Sabino.

                              Meanwhile I had these two larger plates and I gave them to my friend. A few years later he had never used them. I had a great place for them. I took them out to use on Fire Fighter where they have been put to good use.

                              Volunteering is not cheap!

                              This is today's problem.

                              I had seen this as a problem since I first started working on Fire Fighter.

                              The plate the ramp rolls on is too light for the job. It has curled up on both ends. An open toe shoe or sandal is an injury waiting to happen.

                              So we fixed it.

                              Lift the ramp and remove the old plate. Put a board under the ramp to hold it up.

                              Put in the new plates.

                              Someone once said, "If it wasn't for gravity, they wouldn't weigh so much." Or something like that.

                              In the center is John. He lives in Mystic and is a retired fire fighter originally from West Hartford.

                              Today was his first day. Welcome aboard, John.
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