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Blown bow plank

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  • Blown bow plank

    Hi ya,

    I’ve recently been given an old 10ft Clinker that’s been in the family a long time, and!!!! Out the water it seems. It’s pretty solid but ! The bottom bow planks have blown away. Really looking for some advice on do I replace them ? If so does anyone have a link to such a job ? Or is there a solution just to get my son on the water to live the swallows and Amazon dream? Really appreciate your help.

    Thank you

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    Has that been glassed as well?

    Personally, I would strip the glass back, free off all of those hood ends by carefully removing the fastenings. Then clean out the rebates and the plank faying surfaces and refasten from the garboard up. You will need to put a beam across the gunwales a couple of feet back to stop her opening lie a kipper.
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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      Hi ya, thanks for reply.

      it’s not glassed to my knowledge and hasn’t got any signs of glass work I’ve seen. What’s the best way to free the planks off ? And should I re- fasten with copper nails or ( don’t shoot me) screws?

      lastly if the holes are shot, do I fill and re do or is there a trick.

      lastly lastly I promise. Do I put a beam across the top of gunwales to stop it pinging apart.

      once again thank you for your time.



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        OK, just very thick dead varnish then. It also has to come off. Gentle prying with a thick putty knife or with an old screwdriver drawn out to a thin blade by heating to red heat and drawing it out with a hammer on a steel block or anvil, may well spring the planks, working from the inside. Slow and steady does it.

        You can refasten with copper nails, but go up a gauge to guarantee a tight fit. Similar sized counter sunk silicon bronze screws will also be OK, but do not use brass.

        If you do not use the existing holes, be sure to bore the correct size pilot holes, even if you glue plugs into any bad holes.

        Yes, do put a beam across to stop her "pinging apart".
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        It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

        The power of the web: Anyone can post anything on the web
        The weakness of the web: Anyone can post anything on the web.


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          Thank you so much for your time. It really appreciated.

          now the work begins.



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            Is the stem into which they are fastened still sound?


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              It seems ok, but about to see this week. Solid, all around the bow but I need to look a bit closer inside. As I push it in, the nail doesn’t move in the plank so clearly the hole has become to big for the nail. I think ?!?!


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                As you work, check the nail for the deterioration of 'nail sickness', if, as you say, the nail does not move in the plank as you push the plank against the stem / frames. Lots of threads here about the topic. Good luck with the restoration !

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                  Got more pics of the rest of the boat that reflect her condition /age?
                  She looks like she needs more than a plank end tightened up.
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                    ^^^ That's for sure. The more photos from various angles and distances the better throughout the entire process. There's a lot of help available here but not so much if people can't see clearly what's going on.


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                      As others have eluded. It looks like more of a stem problem than a plank issue. Unless the fastenings have pulled through the planking,