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    I am building joel whites maine coast peapod and Im not sure about the rake of the mast .I need to "figure out" in order to place the hole in the bow "seat"you know what I mean if you can address this issue.Thank you in advance.Yes right when I thought I was through with the difficult stuff I figured out I cant even figure out where to put the hole hum.Amazing all that goes into something you think is so simple, well not me but others ........poor souls Thanks again

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    Hm. He has the rake, you just haven't quite seen it yet. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    You've got the seat/partners placed, yes? You've got the step placed, yes? In the plans White says what the offset is. Measuring it.

    I level the boat, string a string on the centerline at thwart height and measure centers off that. A plumb bob in there. All of which assumes the thwart ain't fastened yet so you can get a bob to the step. If you've got those two marks on a centerline you've got it.

    Good luck, and report back. Someone probably has a better method.

    P.S. Hopefully for some clarity. What you need is the center of the hole in the thwart. It's really quite straigtforward using the method I described and the numbers in White's plan. If the thwart is already in, take it out. Direct and simple, really! [img]smile.gif[/img] You should be familar with the procedure if you located the step accurately.

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      Thanks Ishmael
      My problem is that on the plans at 1.5 inch scale it reads exactly the same at the step and at the seat partner.When I look at the boat with the sail plan the mast is definetly raking aft.This is no preformance craft so maybe Im just overreacting .I know I can get the rake fixed after sailing it to find out if it has lee or weather helm but would like to get it close right off.Thanks in advance. I guess your right I need to figure it from the picture of the boat with the mast stepped.I just was not sure if there was a known angle or per foot pitch for such a thing Thanks again


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        These dimensions were a little vague on the John Gardner skiff I built. I held off making the mast step untill the mast was made. Then I leveled the boat fore and aft, stuck the mast through the thwart and stood back to check it out. When the rake looked right I marked the location of the mast step.



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          My problem is that on the plans at 1.5 inch scale it reads exactly the same at the step and at the seat partner.

          Hm. And he doesn't have a note saying the center of the partners is so many inches back from the center of the step? Can you scale off the profile drawing?

          If you're sure you've got no number you'll have to wing it. It's got a sprit rig? I'd give it a mild rake, maybe an inch and a half at the partners, but that's a shot from the hip. Make it look right. It could be the apparent rake is because of the shape of the boat, and the partners and step look in line in some perspectives. White was no dummy, so suss it out.

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            Don't you put the hole in the in the thwart where you think it should go, centered athwartships, of course. Then finish building the boat mast and rig. When everything's done, position the mast in the thwart and mark where the step hole needs to be ?

            I think the Catspaw has a seperate block that can be moved to set the rake.


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              No need to wait until the mast is made, not when you can use the Mock Mast (patent pending). But seriously, here is a link to an unfinished page on my Windward 15 build, dealing with mast, mast step, and mast partners. The mast on a Windward 15 has a pretty wicked rake to it.
              Williwaw build

              Go down about two-thirds of the way and you'll see what I mean.

              Doug Wilde