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    Re: Fitting hardware - Gougeon Brothers

    James, my boat hasn't been around long enough to stand the test of time, but I am coming around to the idea that in our climate, a trailer-stored boat with a good cover over it probably doesn't need a lot of epoxy in screw holes, at least for things like fittings, and especially if those fittings won't take much in the way of loads. It all comes down to risk: (1) how likely is water to get in; (2) how easily can it dry out; and (3) if I am wrong about (1) or (2), is the repair likely to be easy/minor, or are we talking major surgery?

    Thus, the garboard drains, whose entire purpose is to prevent evil fresh water from staying inside the boat and causing the garboards or keel timber to rot, got oversize holes filled with epoxy and then re-drilled. When I wasn't happy with the location of the garboard drains I moved them. The chainplates got similar treatment.

    Holes in the tops of the floor timbers for the screws holding down the floorboard toggles got epoxy because it would be a PITA to have to replace the floor timbers.

    Fittings on the deck, which has enough camber to drain well, generally just got a good dose of shellac.

    Most everything got bedded with Dolphinite.


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      Re: Fitting hardware - Gougeon Brothers

      Ken- I agree with you. It's only worth going to the effort of doing a proper job (No2 & 3 above) of attaching hardware if what you're attaching it to can take the load being asked of it. Similarly , it's quite easy to go all out and over engineer.


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        Re: Fitting hardware - Gougeon Brothers

        Thanks to all for the good advice on this front! It is much appreciated.

        - James