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    When refinishing the deck wood of a 1954 Wagemaker what am I supposed to do with the groove between the deck boards?

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    Hi Don, welcome aboard!
    I'm not familiar with those boats. Perhaps some more details or pictures would help.


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      Around here, the seams were generally filled with white (sometimes black) deck seam compound, then varnished over.


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        I have never seen a Wagemaker in person but I have a very similar Whirlwind that just has plywood decks. Are the decks on the Wagemaker actually planked? Or are they plywood with faux seams? If the latter, then the answer is paint, generally white.

        Edit: I found this video which clarifies things:

        The deck planks are separate pieces but they are thin and the groove between them is not a proper seam, it's just cosmetic. The only thing that belongs there is paint.
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