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    We had an Ogeechee boat that we used quite a lot when I was a small boy. I almost always had to sit in the precarious position atop the livewell. It was built by a gentleman from Douglas in Coffee Co.GA. my father's home. I do remember that the story was that my grandfather who was an tractor/auto mechanic got it in a swap for some mechanic work. I'm not sure what ever happen to it, but I do remember it having some rot in the stern by the time I was a teenager. Dad kept it upright on some bricks in the very back of our yard underneath an old army shelterhalf beneath some pecan trees. A few times each year either he or myself would pour a quart jar of water in it, to keep the cyprus planks tight. By the time that I became a teenager, cheap lightweight aluminum boats arrived on the scene, which was the death knell of many of the old wooden boats that had been built with so much skill and care.


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      Re: mistery boat

      thx everyone. i think what i have is an original louisiana bateau/jon boat. many google pics for both that sharpie turned me on to seem to confirm this. 25 years ago or so when i found i stripped all the many layers of old paint and then painted it with house paint. added a varnished oak rub rail to i and it looked mighty sharp. ran around lake austin here and had a bunch of waves. now as you can see i need to refinish it again. maybe i will. a little 7.5 sears outboard makes it move fust fine.