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Thread: 36' Herreshoff Neria Ketch

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    Default 36' Herreshoff Neria Ketch

    Does anyone have information as to the good and the bad points about the 36' Herreshoff Neria Ketch?

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    Not first-hand, but from a client who moved up from an original Herreshoff Mfg Co Nereia to a reprocduction Mobjack and a Bounty: Nereia sailes like a witch, is gorgeous to look at, is terrible manoevering in tight places (marinas), can't back down worth a damn, and is cramped below (ref. the famous Herreshoff statement that, "the only time you need standing headroom is when you are lying down.". Did I say it was gorgeous and sailed like a witch?
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    I think there's one in Fl pretty reasonably priced.

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