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It's a highly tempting boat, isn't it, Oldad. I'd love to hear more from Brett or other builders on just how tender this hull might be, as I would use it for lake fishing. Not a lot of space inside, but the lines are just so enchanting ...
I have build Sea Hawk for a friend of mine using plans in Dynamite Pysons´s book "Instant Boatbuilding".
Sheet 1 (page 121 in the book) of those plans shows "Maximum Safe Power 20 O.B.C.H.P.
I have tried several outboards on this boat up tu 20 hp, but I would NOT recomment to go for a 20 hp. To my experience max hp for this boat should not be more than 10 hp. A 6 hp Outboard with a tiller-extension is that I could recommend.

Any questions welcome.

Below some pictures.

Before painting:

Sea Hawk 04.jpg

Sea Hawk turned over, bottom and sides painted

Sea Hawk 03.jpg

Boat finished:

Sea Hawk 05.jpg

Boat equipped with anchor, oars, safety-equipment ... on trailer:
Sea Hawk 02.jpg

Test-drive with 20 hp outboard. 20 hp far too much power for this boat. Nose will come up to high! Not save! Better to go with 6 hp or max. 10 hp.
Picture shows motor in idle-status.

Sea Hawk 08.jpg

Regards from Austria