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Thread: Sea Swing stove

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    Question Sea Swing stove

    I have a Sea swing stove that I'd like to sell, but don't really know what they are worth. Could any of you (seriously) give me a rough appraisal?

    Pictures are here:


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    Oh dear - that is half a sea-swing - it's missing the traditional kerosene burner.

    That said, the kero burner is a much easier thing to find than the gimballed swing.

    Value - I have a collection of unusual stoves - and valuation is a complete crap shoot - there are few available for sale, and few people who want them, so prices can be all over the place - on Ebay I'd be surprised at a figure below $10 or above $200 - but anywhere in between might be a reasonable guess.

    BTW - It is considered very bad form to advertise here.
    Someday, I'm going to settle down and be a grumpy old man.

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    I have the same exact Sea-Swing. Sterno model. Mine has been modified to hold a very small backpacking stove and works a treat. I've no idea what one might be worth.


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    I picked mine up at a marine consignment shop for $40, I believe. I cleaned it up, polished the brass, etc ...

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