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    I was going to put a new deck on a 30 square meter: two layers of 1/4 " marine plywood followed by a 1/4" of teak. When I got the price quote for the teak I decided to just use cloth and non-slip paint. Now I hear "Silver Bali" wood looks like teak, is almost as durable but substantially cheaper. Anyone know if Silver Bali is as good as it sounds? George in Portland.

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    IMOP 2 layers of dynel in epoxy is a much better skin than 1/4" overlay of any wood. 1/4" is too thin to get a good fastner and bung. Glue only is questionable solution. Even if you can get the "planks" to stay put the seam compound will fail eventually, trapping water against the ply. If you go with the dynel dont fill the weave of the cloth on the second layer for a nice "canvas" like effect. Paint with a good 2 part poly and forget the non-skid, it will be plenty rough. The only down side is that from bellow you'll be looking up at plywood between the deck beams. A thin layer of light V-grooved planks on the inside is a nice way to hide this. Thats how were doing it on the Buzzards Bay 30 at work. Looks slick.

    Good luck

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    Silver bali is an excellent wood for this application.Ive used it before and have had some laying around outside [stacked and on the ground]for about 5 years without any problems.Beware of fell checks.When milling I found that the machinery blades would tend to gum up and need cleaning often.I used carberator cleaner.Be sure to clean all gluing surfaces with laquer thinner or acetone.

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    Great wood, excellent properties. Have done two overlays as you describe and one traditional laid deck. Be carefull to get the denser of the species coming into the states. If you have a chance to get to Port Townsend, take a look at the schooner Martha and her decks, which were replaced in 2003 I believe. The decks were replaced with thicker material but as you have described. Each time for overlay with no deck screws. The results are outstanding and the decks show no wear. By the way.....very dry below deck in both heavy seas and heavy rain! The traditional layed decks were done on large Seiner about seven years ago and are holding up very well. I will do the ply and overlay method on my current restoration of an Alden schooner.

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    There's a Cogge ketch sitting out in my bay that has a deck planked in Bali, as well as a stem and some other parts, we think. The stuff is incredible. After 20 years sitting out in the PNW with no care or protection, there is zero rot in it. There are two low spots on the aft deck that don't drain water and have grown green with moss (for 20 years!), and you still can't get a knifepoint into the stuff. I'd love to score some of the stuff for my ketch. Anybody know the average price/bdft?


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