I mentioned this in another thread in P&P.

I was visiting a friend in Gulf Harbour NZ and while out on the docks gawking at the yachts I wandered over to check this boat out. Aotearoa One. A gal, Liz, was on board doing some maintenance and invited us for a look-see. Interesting juxtaposition of modern and trad. It surprised me that it had 20 berths. Each hull had two compartments, six bunks in the aft, and four forward. I dropped down thru a hatch in to one and it was pretty spartan, just wood bunks and no portlights. I think the only other accommodations are the deck house.

She said it really creaks and groans when under way with all the flexibility in the lashings. I think she said they have taken it as far as Gisborn but havenít been on any open ocean passages yet.