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Thread: Pedro and Rosita....

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    Default Pedro and Rosita....

    One beautiful December evening, Pedro and his girlfriend Rosita were sitting by the side of the ocean. It was a romantic
    full moon, when Pedro said, "Hey mamacita, let's play Weeweechu."

    "Oh no, not now, lets look at the moon" said Rosita. "Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I play Weeweechu. I love you and
    it's the perfect time," Pedro begged.

    "But, I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon."

    "Please corazoncito, just once, play Weeweechu with me."

    Rosita looked at Pedro and said, "OK one time, we'll play Weeweechu."

    Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang ...

    "Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
    "Weeweechu a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"


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