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Thread: Yarmouth, NS Tall Ships

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    Smile Yarmouth, NS Tall Ships

    God Dammit, I was amost done with the post and it disappeared! I will reconsruct it.
    Last night I went down to the Yarmouth , NS. harbor and saw the Virginia (120') and the Providence (75' est.) and another two mast (45'). it was was foggy- what is new about that for Yarmouth!. The Virginia was tied up when I arrived. I heard someone talking over a vhf to another boat and out of the fog the Providence appears. One must wonder how three masted sailing ships made it into Yarmouth Harbor in the old days. It ain't big or wide! The "CAT" has a close shave turning around!! Better them than me. I wish to thank the organizers for requesting some of the smaller vessels to visit Yarmouth. It is a big thing here. Thanks. I am on my way back to MN for three weeks and then back here again. Maybe when in MN ,I will have the time and capability to post the promised photos of work on Fortuna in the Repairs section.
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