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Thread: Tall Ships in Newport

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    Default Tall Ships in Newport

    And the Wooden Boat Show all in one weekend! I dont know if I can handle it. Where would be the best place to watch the parade of sail on Sunday? Somewhere other than the crowds at Newport?

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    Default Oh, Sh*t

    If you don't want to go to Newport, then Jamestown is your next choice:

    (edit - not sure why the image didn't appear....Google "Jamestown RI" images for pictures and maps)

    On the east side of the island, there is a state park that would be good for viewing - Ft. Witherill. At the southern end, you have Beavertail State Park.

    Warning: Both of these state parks as well as anything in Newport is busy every summer weekend even when events are not occurring. I can guarantee you difficulty parking, traffic jams, hot tempers, etc.

    I remember one tall ship parade, about 13 years ago, when a local cop wouldn't even stop traffic for 15 minutes as I, a pedestrian, was trying to cross a street at a crosswalk to get home. He finally relented when I said something nasty about "hoping that his wife needed to go to the same hospital I was working at on 2nd shift that day"

    Not trying to paint a totally negative picture, but if you aren't prepared for delays, etc., it will be a very long day.

    If you are desperate to see the ships, PM me before you leave for Mystic....there are a few points where we could put in my 13 ft. rowboat and you and your guests are welcome to use it for the afternoon.

    Similarly, there are a couple of viewing points that I could drop you off, but there isn't sufficient parking. Unfortunately, I'm not waterfront, nor have a substantial boat.

    The negatives about Newport are that once you cross the bridge into Newport, there are no places to park; no places to go.

    Do you have any connections to the Navy or Coast Guard? There are a couple of great locations under their control. How about reciprocity between sailng clubs?

    Thanks for the warning about that weekend...I'll stay off the roads .
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    Default More links.....

    Official Tall Ships website with the page on how to get a front row seat :

    Newport Daily News (online):

    Jamestown Press (weekly) online:

    Rhode Island Hospitality website:

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    Or, better yet, skip Newport, and come on down to Norfolk next weekend! Best place for viewing; my foredeck, well ahead of the gunner's!
    At Sea Aboard Royaliste

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    hey all, i'm gonna b in newport and norfolk aboard the pride II, come by and say hi (i go by foretek)
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