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Thread: J. Dillon, 11 years on a 27 footer, WOW!!!

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    Default J. Dillon, 11 years on a 27 footer, WOW!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by J. Dillon View Post
    Lived aboard for 11 years on a wood /glass home built Vancouver 27,for all four seasons. Cruised the eastern seaboard from Maine to Fla which included one single handed passage to Bermuda. It was tight living and if I had to do it again it would be a much bigger boat. It was like living in a walk in closet. Winters in the NE were the toughest . Heater breaking down, rats trying to get inside . Propane explosions and fires aboard and one near sinking.( Got skin grafts from that one) Warring with racoons for permission to board are among my unpleasant memories. The good stuff, all here that have done some cruising know all ready, but one I haven’t seen mentioned is snow hitting the deck over my head was a pleasant sound , if you’re snuggled in your sleeping bag and all systems functioning.
    Pictured below a calm day during my Bermuda passage& Inside the boat.

    Can we hear more? Please.
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