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Thread: North Carolina Outboard Well Skiffs

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    Default North Carolina Outboard Well Skiffs

    Can anyone help me find plans for a 14 foot outboard well skiff, built in North Carolina . With a normal transom not curved. Any help would deserve great thanks.

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    Double Ds,

    The overwhelming majority of the small skiffs built in NC were either home built or built by a one or two-man shop, usually for local fishermen. Years ago, my dad had one, a 15-footer, built by a guy near Ocean Isle. Carolina Boat Works in Lumberton used to build a lot of small wooden boats, some with wells. I think they would build pretty much whatever the customer requested (we had one of their boats too), but I don't know if they're still in business. There was also Atlantic Boats in Kinston, NC. They built some small well boats in fiberglass, but I don't know if they're still in business either. The guy who owns Hickman's Fresh Seafood near Ocean Isle has built several boats very similar to the Pacific City Dories. They're basically flat-bottomed with a well. He uses them to catch seafood for his business. His boats are around 20-feet and built like battleships. I don't know if he's built any in the 14-foot range, or if he even builds any of them to sell.
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    There is a boat like that... 16 feet I think... In John Gardner's Dory Book.

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    Try Jeff Spira's plans at Ask him about using a well in the pescadero.

    But I doubt you need a well for such a small boat- modern outboards can take more of a dunking (or so I've been told).

    Love my pacific dory, love the well access, hate the loss of planning surface.


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