8 years into this, and I finally got the hull painted!! Thank you all for the helpful painting threads and advice leading up to this. I went with Interlux PreKote then finished with 2 coats of Interlux Brightsides (Flag Blue), wetsanded between coats. Slightly thinning the paint with the brushing liquid 333 really helped with the application!

It only took 12 people, lured with beer and bratwurst, to flip it back on the trailer. See photo (Brewster 8)

I am sure i will have many rigging questions as begin the next phase of this project.

P.S. If this boat design jogs any memories, or looks familiar, please let me know. We never found any numbers during the total restoration. She is 18' on deck and 6.5' beam.

Please check out the pictures below:


Jesse Hooker