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Thread: Dobler Skiff Plans

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    Default Dobler Skiff Plans

    I wonder, does anyone know where a set of plans for Dobler's 16 foot skiff, I believe aka Lissa, might be found? Tom F-Jones mentions the boat in one of his books, and there is a version supposedly similar called the Otter (maybe from but I was hoping to find the wellspring itself.
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    Mertens just completed an S&G version of the 16 foot Dobler sailing skiff. He was very complimentary of the original design and of Doblers engineering skills.
    Just did a search of and came up with the name "Joseph Firth" as the purveyer of Dobler's original plans. Not familiar with the name.


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    Dennis M. has one, perhaps he will weigh in. He just finished a major overhaul this past winter - she's a beauty.
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    Not meaning to revive the dead, but plans for Dobler's Lissa are available from Duckworks.

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