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Thread: Free Small Tug Boat Plans

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    Default Free Small Tug Boat Plans

    In my never ending quest to hoard boat plans , I thought that I would pass this info on for those interested.
    N.A. Mal Low has retired and he is offering his stock plans for FREE!
    The catch is he will not give tech support.
    You pay shipping ( $15.00)
    He designs tug boats and has plans for tugs from 21' to 64'.
    I just ordered plans for a 21' character tug which used to cost $ 300.00!!!
    I was going to build the Berkley 14' tug but now..........
    Anyway, they are only available till he is out of them .
    Cool guy to donate his work huh?
    Here's the link.

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    Default Going out of business

    I went to the web page and had a question but no way to contact.
    He says on his website that using Corten steel can make a better boat but Corten has a high copper content and we know copper and steel dont mix. Has more than 30pt. electrical potential difference.
    Corten above the waterline is probably ok but belw or at the waterline I don't know.
    City water storage tanks and out door sculpture use Corten but is the final word out on Corten at or below the salt waterline safe?

    I love the smell of fresh cut plywood in the morning.

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    I think the only way to get a reply is to order something via e-mail. If you poke about on the site you'll find his disclaimer to the effect that if you buy his plans, you're pretty much on your own--he's not available. That's what real retired is!

    I've got the plans for Powder Puff'r, if for no other reason than common curiosity. Could get me in trouble...

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    I have orderd the plans for the 21' tug Paunch. Mal has cancer and he no longer accepts emails/questions. I looked at the Benford tug also.\

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    Donald, try an email to > <

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