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Thread: straight marriage amendment

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    Default straight marriage amendment

    Anyone else embarassed by Congresses sense of priorities? We've got a never ending war, addicted to oil, executive branch in a tail spin and they're voting on an amendment to declare marriage as a heterosexual institution.
    What an effing waste of time. How about they pass an amendment declaring gravity is only a theory and that other competing theories as worthy of consideration?

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    I view it as just a dodge to change the subject away from the Neocons neverending string of failures.
    If I was in their shoes I'd, probably try the same trick.
    When you ponder the all the ammo the Dems have available for this coming election (yes, we're tapping your phone ,but, it's a crises, yes, the war's a bottomless sinkhole but it's for your own good, yea, Mexicans are storming our borders but, the lettuce has to be picked, yes, the Medicare drug plan is unintelligable even to the people that designed it but you need not worry about it, just sign the papers, yes,we gave tax breaks to all the richey riches but, that's what grows the economy, yes, ......) there is not a lot of defensive moves left to the Neocons.
    I guess they figure they can still mezmerize their base by pulling the same old rabbit out of the same old hat.
    from Ahia,
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    A clear illustration of why the Republican Party is not conservative. A federal ban on gay marriage takes power from the states and gives it to the federal government, in aid of a program of social engineering.

    If there were a proposal to make Roe v. Wade into a constitutional amendment, the Republicans would object to enlarging the federal government. But constitutional amendments for a ban on abortion, gay marriage, or anything else is OK so long as it whips the rabble into a froth. They don't mind a radical shift in the balance of power between local and central, so long as the power is directed at their enemies.

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