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Thread: Florida to Spain Single-handed

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    28' hard chine sailboat from Florida to the Bahamas to Azores to Spain in '89. Not the tallest of tales, but it's a detailed log and I thought it was interesting - especially those 40' waves with the occassional 20' cross wave topping over them!

    Atlantic Crossing

    Warning: Popup windows happen with each page. If you minimize them, they don't come back with each page. If you delete them, you get them with every page. (Later: ugh - one of the windows keeps unminimizing, but it's slightly better then killing it and then having it come back on each page.)

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    Popup windows? Oh, I take it you are not using Opera as your browser. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

    I've marked the site for future reading. Thanks.


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    Interesting story, just goes to prove if you want to go to sea, there is a way...

    As I was preparing to change tacks and bending a new jib, a large coast guard vessel flashed in front of me with much su prise on my part. They had heard the radio talk and zeroed right in. Since the radio is still working, we discussed the vessel and they decided to rebuke me for being singlehanded and therefore certifiably insane but did not come on board because this is a german-flagged vessel on the high seas and therefore out of their jurisdiction. They did board the american flagged vessel however so I guess that is always their jurisdiction. Any way, they did not wish me well but instead said I was crazy. Thanks guys
    Well each year that passes I become more and more disenchanted w/ the various things I hear about the Coasties. And to think I wanted to go to Officer school way back when because they did so much good (saving lives) and were proficient seamen. From what I've seen and heard both have deteriorated...
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