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Thread: Time to sit and wait

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    Done what I could and now I just have to wait. Contacted all the subs and got their price and we got the bid together and now we just have to wait and see.

    My first time to actually be the driving force in getting the bid together. I made the sub list and made all the calls and did my part of the take off. Never had to do this before, so this is a learning experiance.

    We got the bid in just under 1 million, but they haven't let us know yet if we were low.

    It stasrted out with us being the only local GC bidding the project with two others from out of town. It blossemed into three other local GCs bidding the project, so I don't know how we will fare. We typically don't bid work. Our niche is to design and build so we usually aren't as competive in the bid market, but I hope we get this one being as I took on the responsibility of getting it together. Don't worry the boss actually put the price together and looked over the project, so maybe I didn't miss anything and if I did he probably caught it.


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    For about three months during my college years I had a job doing job cost estimating for a metal fab shop. This was a big company, and our department was formed to specifically bid on government projects.

    Our work group consisted of myself, two other college students, and our boss was an ex-math professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Never in my life have I had a job as interesting, exciting, and fulfilling as that one. We would all get to work early, stay late, work through lunch. Most of the time we didn't even know what time it was. Nor did we care. Our boss had to run us out of the office every evening.

    Unfortunately for me, we never got a contract while I was there. I was laid off along with one other guy. The office pushed on with one of my friends and our boss. A year after we left they finally were awarded a contract and the business took off. Now about half of the work that shop does is for the government. They called me back a year after I was laid off and offered me my job back, but by then I was where I am now and making double the money. I've been in the same company for 22 years now.

    Sounds like you're doing some exciting work, Chad. I really hope that things go your way. To have such an interest in your work is a true blessing.

    Mickey Lake

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