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Thread: Isabel ice boat

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    Several winters ago I had plans for an ice boat named Isabel or Isabela .. a cheap little ice boat that could be built in a couple of weekends. Several warm winters put project on back burner. Just cleaned shop, got some extra wood, a sail and two free weekends .. and wouldn't you know it, I cannot find the plans!! I know there are plenty of plans available .. some even for free, but what I liked about the Isabel was the way the back brace arched .. kinda like a spring. Haven't seen that that on other cheap rigs . So .. anyone know the boat and where I can get a new set of plans? (of course, by building this I will assure that winter never again comes to Nebraska)woops ..just realized I should be in plans/designs .. sorry but I'm lazy and do not want to retype

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    boat is in Boston, I'm contracted out to Pittsburgh


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