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Thread: New England Rope update

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    Default New England Rope update

    in order to dispel rumors and the like, I wanted to update you all on the status of New England Rope production, we buy from them weekly and are in constant communication with them.

    1. They are no longer making 3 stand "Multi line II" in plain white, no tracer. It now only comes with a orange tracer. R&W Rope is working with NER to change this and make a "batch" of this line with out a tracer. This is a big request for sail makers for "bolt ropes" and vessels using it for "lanyards".

    2. NER is no longer producing Filament Polyester and Spun Polyester (Dacron, a Dupont product name), in either WHITE or BLACK, in sizes above 1/2". We are looking at a source to replace these sizes from Europe in both WHITE and BLACK.

    3. NER is no longer producing Sta Set, a Polyester Double Braid in the "Classic Tan" color, in sizes above 5/8". this is a blow to the large classic vessels that need the strength of a double braid VS a 3 strand for halyards, topping lifts and sheets. There is a European rope maker with solutions to this problem.

    4. NER is still producing their 3 strand "Vintage", a combo of Filament and Spun Polyester in classic Tan color, in sizes up to 1". CAUTION, this line is not as "hard layed" as the standard Spun or Filament Polyester from NER and is NOT suitable for Halyards or sheets on vessels above 25 feet. The line will produce "As$ holes" and strands that will pull out when loaded and run through undersized blocks for a standard size line.

    The new owners of NER, a Austrian company, only care about high volume sales, therefor are dropping line types and diameters that are not high volume sellers.

    Any questions PM me.

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    Default Re: New England Rope update

    well that sucks..... I guess hempex it is than!
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    Default Re: New England Rope update

    Thanks for the update, and for remembering the classic boat community.

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    Default Re: New England Rope update

    I really like the sta-set in tan, great performance in an inoffensive color. While I probably don't need anything bigger than 5/8" that is a bummer it is discontinued. I have used a lot of vintage 3-strand as halyards on larger boats, but admittedly only in relatively low tension rigs or multi-part halyards. I had troubled with hockles at first, but after tensioning a few times and then left in the salt and sun it settled down nicely. Note that the swivel on a multi-part halyard must be locked or it will twist around and seize up badly.

    I always appreciated NE ropes making products specifically for classic boats. Too bad they are heading the other way.

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