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Thread: A-Grilling' and A-Smokin'

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    Default A-Grilling' and A-Smokin'

    Just got this as a FB ad last night.

    These PK grills ("PK" meaning "Portable Kitchen") grills are 1/4 inch thick aluminum castings. Built like a tank, with a 20-year warranty. Faying surfaces between top and bottom are machined flat. The "capsule" is designed to be removed so you can easily take it with you (they make a lowboy stand for tailgating and putting it on a picnic table).

    PK grills make Weber grills look cheap and shoddy.

    I remember my grandfather having one in the 1960s. I didn't know they were still around.

    I am sore tempted.

    One of the originals, still working hard:

    And the newer crop:

    [You might notice that the cart is constructed with investment-cast aluminum lugs]


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    Default Re: A-Grilling' and A-Smokin'

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas Carey View Post

    For a sec there i thought it had a 1/3hp motor under it or something.

    "It can grill an entire steer in under 10mins".
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    Default Re: A-Grilling' and A-Smokin'

    Weber lasts four or five years then it’s trash.

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