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Thread: Video of high-tech wood boat build.

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    Default Video of high-tech wood boat build.

    KInda neat. Looks like laminated ring frames, then longitudinal strips, followed by diagonal layers, then 'glass.

    A bajillion dollar yacht for sure.


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    Default Re: Video of high-tech wood boat build.

    Brooklin Boatyard in Maine?

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    Default Re: Video of high-tech wood boat build.

    It's a stolen video of the Fairlie 55 build with an intro of a south american sawmill operation. The original video is here
    This is the manufacturer site
    In 2012 the price ex tax was 850 000, that's about 1m USD.

    The engineering displays some inconsequential thinking, They trust epoxy enough to use laminated frames and speed strip (a kind of loose tongue&groove) but they back it up with screws. If you trust epoxy you don't need screws, if you don't you use rivets, since screws will not keep your laminated frames together in case the glue fails.
    The two diagonal cold molded layers can maybe be justified, but the last fore-n-aft layer does nothing, it's not even cosmetic since the whole affair is sheated and painted. It would be simpler, lighter and more cost effective to laminate more glass layers directly over the strips.

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