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The references to fisherman style anchor sizing all seem the say something along the lines of "The old rule of thumb is 2 pounds per foot of boat length". The Toplicht link is diminutive! 9"x12"/3.3lbs (240mmmx325mm/1.5kg) I've had small cats that weight a lot more than that.
The naval architect Tom Colvin (RIP) had two 150 lb fishermans with all stud link chain on his junk rigged aluminum 48'r. I think it was 28k lbs. Those anchors flukes buried deep on just about any sand/grass bottom and hooked on rocks. Their weight was a big assist in getting the flukes to dig so deep. I swam on his anchors several times to see how they reacted in storms and hey never budged. He cruised with them all through the islands down to s america and back without problems.