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Thread: No pictures.

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    Default No pictures.

    The posts that you folks put on this forum don’t appear.
    Have an iPhone.
    What should do?

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    My experience is that if you are using Tapatalk , both images (especially those uploaded to the forum as attachments) and videos are . . . dicey at best.

    View the forum via browser and you are [usually] good.

    I am dubious about the quality of the vBulletin, which is to say that it's cr@p. TapaTalk? Piled Higher and Deeper.

    The WBF ought to migrate to grown-up forum software like Discourse -- responsive, plays well with modern browsers, . . . .
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    Default Re: No pictures.

    You have become an outcast Basil. You must wander alone in the wilderness. Sorry dude. Nature is cruel.

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    Default Re: No pictures.

    Apple has had some updates that may help show pics. Is yours fairly new & up to date? Using a browser other than Safari might be worth a shot.

    While vBulletin may not be the finest software out there, it's far from crap. I participate in another forum that runs on up to date vBulletin & problems are rare.

    Discourse would require the $300/month version I'm guessing - while the latest vBulletin is a $249 one-time purchase. Significant difference for a free forum.
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