….has been taken on by my sailing club as a rowing dinghy to be fitted with outriggers and my best 8ft oars. She's just a tad skewed so she needs a small skeg aft which I have still. It's not much, just slightly longer by measurement at the waterline on one side compared to the other. Underwater profile is very similar to an old planked rowing shell but suits the variable conditions in the estuary better.
Good result, Felicite is already being booked.
On that subject, every available club boat, including a rather neglected and leaky Arafura Cadet was out on Sunday. It is great to have so many families joining as the old brigade wind down. I am now the second 80 year old sailng regularly and I am somewhat confounded by the attention we recieve from the junior members.
Of course apart from a few aches and pains from old injuries I don't feel 80…….. but then I haven't been 80 before…….