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Thread: Down the Colorado in Bolger-like Rowboats

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    Default Down the Colorado in Bolger-like Rowboats

    Straight sided, lots of rocker, simple construction.

    Anyway, its a cool video.


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    Default Re: Down the Colorado in Bolger-like Rowboats

    Ah, that's Norm Nevills and his cataract boats--when people were still figuring out how to row whitewater. Low freeboard boats--later evolutions had no rocker at all.

    At 2:45 or so, there's a guy in a pith helmet scouting Badger Rapid. I'm not sure, but I think that is probably Brick Mortenson, an early Grand Canyon pioneer. My first river trip through Grand Canyon was with his son Dave. A bunch of people on that trip and built and were rowing replicas of early Grand Canyon boats evolved from the cataract boats. Dave still had (and wore) his dad's pith helmet.

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