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    I have a timber ketch which was launched in 1966. It has a Hyland windlass which is still in good condition. I want to build a new hydraulic pump to run this winch. Before I have to resort to putting flow and pressure gauges on the existing pump is there anyone who has the specifications for the hydraulic pump this windlass requires.

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    Welcome aboard!
    I haven't any experience with Hyland, nor repairing hydraulics. The only reference I found online is , a yacht listing that includes a recently repowered Hyland. If no one else can help, perhaps the broker could tell you who did the work, and they might share their knowledge.
    Good luck, keep us posted.

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    I can’t help with the spec’s for this specific windlass but if you contact someone like and give them what details you have on the windlass they should be able to spec’ the right pump to suit it.

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