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Thread: Main Trisail Rig- Fritz Fenger- Stormsvala

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    HI Guys- "asking for a friend" A friend of mine with a gaff rigged ketch is considering "an Old Man Rig" for his 42' ketch. Anyone out there have any info on a few of Fritz Fenger's designs which incorporated his Main Tri-sail Ketch sailplan? I knew of a few: his Three Brothers which ultimately went to Maine after years around Mahone Bay, or was that his Diablesse? There was also 47' Stormsvala, a lovely thing, which was built in Denmark for Alexander Forbes and lived at Naushon Island (Massachusetts). Does anyone have any recollections of those boats? Also in the late 1930's, William A. Robinson rerigged his Alden ketch (Svaap?)with Fenger's rig, and sails off with his new bride for Tahiti which after some intrigue in Panama was eventually lost in Gallapagos- the point being that Robinson was a very experienced sailor by then and was based not too far from Fenger in Massachusetts. Anybody know anything about this main tri-sail rig or any of the boats? Many thanks/ JC
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