Somebody on the Facebook wooden boat group is looking for a shipwright to come to Priest Lake, Idaho and fix up their Chris-Craft commuter, which has been on a trailer for several years. They're offering time and materials, plus airfare and an apartment in their seaplane hangar in which the boat is stored.

The Chris-Craft's nice (and doesn't look to be in terrible shape)

But what's more interesting is the seaplane. It looks be be a Grumman Goose. I did a little googling, figuring they're can't be more than 1 Goose based out of Priest Lake.

Seems he has not only a Grumman Goose, but a Grumman Mallard:

And the Mallard is for sale:

From its website, the owner is lightening his load:
All Maintenance & Logs

Includes all logs since its first test flight in 1951 document J57’s 11,638 hours of service as an executive/personal transport with not even one landing in salt water.

Grumman G73 Mallard s/n J57 is one of two pristine Mallards in the Tanglefoot collection of flying boats hangered and maintained as personal aircraft. It has been lovingly and continuously hangered at Tanglefoot Seaplane base in Coolin, Idaho since purchased in 1991.

When J2, a second salt-water-free Mallard in excellent condition was bought and put into service, J57 was preserved in the Tanglefoot Hangar as a static display. J57 was returned to service in 2018 after comprehensive inspection and refurbishment.