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Thread: Luthiery. The making of a Classical Guitar

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    Default Luthiery. The making of a Classical Guitar

    This video shows a classical guitar being built by a beginner from beginning to end, with instruction from professional luthier Marshall Brune.
    It's a long video but once I started watching I was hooked. The guy makes a very nice job of it.

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    Default Re: Luthiery. The making of a Classical Guitar

    One sort of woodworking I've never done... but much admire. Maybe when I'm too old to do larger projects I'll finally learn to play the guitar... and build myself an instrument.
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    Default Re: Luthiery. The making of a Classical Guitar

    I have built a baritone ukulele for our granddaughter (posted yesterday) and an F5-inspired mandolin for our son. Currently working on a J-185 clone for my wife. I've acquired the wood for a violin for either our other son or our other granddaughter. I've started on the neck. Its hard to really learn much when you change instruments rather than building the same one over again. I enjoy the building process and the process of deciding upon and acquiring the wood and other components. I know nothing about music other than I love listening to it.

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    Default Re: Luthiery. The making of a Classical Guitar

    I built a few hundred guitars when I worked at Maton and not one since…..went on to repairing and set ups for afew years. will do a few in my retirement
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