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Thread: Shadow in wood/varnish behind picture

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    Default Shadow in wood/varnish behind picture

    On the interior of our boat, one of our bulkheads had pictures in frames hung by the previous owner. After many years, this has left a clear outline of where the picture was hung. I'm not sure if the resulting shadow is from a build up of grime/dust/oils over the years in the finish, or form UV exposure, but I'm here to determine what the best way to even out the finish again without having to remove the old varnish.


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    Default Re: Shadow in wood/varnish behind picture

    It’s UV, put a tanning light on it, the problem is the surround that has had UV for “X” amount of years. It will eventually even out, without doing much of anything.
    Sorry, it is just a record of this wood being in service.

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