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    I know years ago I pulled a drain apart to fish out a wedding ring, I think I even saw it on a "I love Lucy" show as a kid, but it apparently been going on for as long as we have had drains.

    Carved Gems Found in Roman Bath after Falling Down Drain 2,000 Years Ago (

    Maybe I should have been more understanding.

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    Wife managed to flush a pair of 22K gold earrings down the toilet. No recovery there.

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    An ancient Roman statue of Hercules has been discovered during repairs to the sewerage system underneath a park in Rome.
    The statue, which apparently dates back to the Roman imperial period (27BC to AD476), emerged from the ground around the second mile mark along the ancient Appian Way, a famed historic road.
    The Appia Antica Park announced on Facebook that the area “has reserved a great surprise for us: a life-size marble statue which, due to the presence of the club and the lion’s coat covering its head, we can certainly identify as a figure representing Hercules”.

    The discovery was made during repair work on some sewer pipes that had collapsed, causing chasms and landslides. The excavations reached a depth of 20 metres and, as often happens in Rome, were carried out with the presence of archaeologists.

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    looks like they kinda beat ol' hercules up a bit.....
    There's a lot of things they didn't tell me when I signed on with this outfit....

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    excavator knocked his wee wee off

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    I was crawling in through the window of the bathroom when my cell phone slipped out of my pocket and landed in the toilet. Never happened in ancient Rome.

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    This is a better report than that MSN waffle.

    More than 30 semi-precious stones lost in a Roman bath house 2,000 years ago have been recovered from its drains.
    The remains of the bath house were uncovered in May 2017 during work to move Carlisle's Cricket Club's pavilion that was damaged during Storm Desmond.
    Archaeologist Frank Giecco said the beautiful gems probably fell out of bathers' signet rings and were lost down the drains.
    More than 700 finds, including pottery, weapons and coins have been uncovered.

    Image caption, Excavations at the site discovered in 2017 have unearthed weapons, pottery and coins as well as the ring gems

    Mr Giecco said the project had received more funding and a further dig was planned at the site in May.
    He said the artefacts, some made of amethyst, would have dropped out of rings as the glue keeping them in place was affected by the steam of the baths.
    The engraved gems, known as intaglios, are only a few millimetres in diameter and ended up being flushed into the drains when the pools and saunas got cleaned.
    Mr Giecco said: "They are beautiful miniatures pieces of art dating back to the 200s AD.
    "They were set with a vegetable glue and in the hot and sweaty bath house they fell out of the ring settings.
    "Carlisle was very much at the centre of the Roman frontier and we are very excited to go back on 22 May for more amazing finds, as it is the site that just keeps giving."
    A number of hairpins, also in good condition, were also recovered from the drains and it is hoped all the finds will eventually go on display in Carlisle's Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery.
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    i await david g's yahoo c&p
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    Worldwide, people are fishing in the drains of ancient baths.

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