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Thread: Bear Takes 400 Selfies!

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    Bear goes selfie-crazy by snapping 400 pictures on Colorado wildlife camera

    A motion-activated camera near Boulder contained a surprise for officials monitoring wildlife activity

    Guardian staff
    Sun 29 Jan 2023

    When a curious bear stumbled upon a wildlife motion-activated camera near Boulder, Colorado, she ended up triggering hundreds of “selfies”, officials have said.

    Coyotes, beavers, mountain lions, black bears, all kinds of birds and many other creatures inhabit the landscape outside town, and Boulder’s open space and mountain parks department – which states its function as preserving and protecting the natural environment and land resources – set out to monitor them. But they were amazed when they checked one camera out of many they have placed across thousands of acres and found that out of 580 images on it about 400 were of one bear, NBC News reported.

    Most animals don’t notice the cameras, but officials said the bear appeared enthralled by this one.

    “In this instance, a bear took a special interest in one of our wildlife cameras and took the opportunity to capture hundreds of ‘selfies’,” an open space and mountain parks spokesperson, Phillip Yates, told NBC in a statement this week.

    “These pictures made us laugh, and we thought others would, too,” Yates added.

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    Joe? Izzat you?

    Or maybe it's JayZ, or one of the Kardashians? <G>
    David G
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    Oh thank god! I was afraid this thread was about me!


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    good looking guy. skip, you're ok too.

    i take back that stuff i just typed on the swiss army knife thread.

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    I wonder if that bear has an agent yet…………………?

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