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Thread: Going to the movies

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    I'm not much of a movie-goer, but we have a triple screen place about 5 miles away. Another 10-12 miles.

    The wonderful place is the Flynn Theater in Burlington (20 miles). Restored art deco that does live shows: music & plays. I've seen a lot of great music acts there & the ambiance is wonderful. Last thing I saw there was the touring version of Jersey Boys - a musical of the Four Seasons group - which was wonderful.

    Music is mostly in the summer here, with various outdoor venues. Fewer now than 20 years ago though. Oh! There's also a still open Drive-In movie theater about 15 miles away. Bring bug spray...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew2 View Post
    Then, St Jean d'Angeley, a rather nice old movie theatre with a deco front had fallen into bad times. Squatters and finally a fire, but, that got some locals energised and it has now been renovated by them and showing some films.
    May be that the French like their movie heiratage and are prepared to support it?

    Where Q lives, I went to a small theatre in Fakenham (?). It was family run . Mother on the tickets, son on the projector, father organising things.

    Must be long gone, as that was in the 70s.
    Strangely online on a model railway forum , I know an ex British Copper who lives near St Jean d'Angeley , or the danglies as he calls it.

    Fakenham s over 40 miles and over an hour by car from here, this cinema there is still openfakenham_cinema_outside.jpg
    Just an amateur bodging away..

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    The local theater in my town - New Cumberland, PA - has been undergoing renovation for the last several years. Seems to be doing well...




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