Hello All,

First post here. I have a 1965 AYC carvel planked yacht. Recently I inadvertently caused a lot of damage to my yacht by sailing in rough seas. The boat had been sitting in a very hot dry boatyard for several months. I got an unexpected notice from the boatyard, that I needed to move my boat out of the yard as other boats were coming in. I found a slip a couple of hundred miles south, and took the trip on short notice. I had expected to take on some water, as I knew the planks had dried out. The weather forecast called for 15kts of wind, which turned out to be 30kts. The boat pounded hard, and I started taking on inordinate amounts of water that could not be managed by my bilge pumps.

I was forced to abort the trip, and return to port on anchor as there was no space left at the boatyard. Upon exterior inspection I found a multitude of open seams. But more surprisingly I found broken scarf joints in the planking. My boat has plank joints which are scarfed diagonally between the frames, and are glued together with a non-epoxy glue. 11 of these scarfs joints separated on the starboard side, which was the side facing the sun while at the boatyard.

The yacht takes on zero water under the waterline, but the topsides have now been severely effected by this 40 minute excursion.

My question is, has anyone here ever had this type of problem? Are there any recommendations on how best to solve it?