I am building a cable railing for an interior stair case, it could be in a large wooden boat. The top hand rail will be a cherry board 1/2" x 4" that will set over the top of 2- 3 1/2" square newel posts. One end of the board will dead end into a wall on the side of the stair case, the other end will hang over the starting newel post and be exposed end grain. I am looking for a way to decorate the end of it. I'd like a shiny metal socket, sleeve or cap that would slide over the end of the board covering about the first inch.
Where would I find such a thing? Or do you have another suggestion on how to cap this end? The cable between the posts and the cable fittings are shiny stainless steel so I'd like this cap to be a similar color. Its in a home, I mean boat, that I've gutted and am redoing in a modern Scandinavian design. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.