As I like to sail most of the year round when possible, and I sail small open boats I thought it would be sane of me to use a drysuit so that I don't freeze to death in the event of a capsize. I will say I've never capsized a small boat (I know you're supposed to and I intend to do a test come warmer water weather) but I do not believe this means it can't happen.
I don't go far from shore (inlet is only a km wide max), but in the colder weather there's not a lot of boats out there to provide potential rescue.
This , is also what makes sailing this time of year more enjoyable and sometimes, safer! ( no getting rundown/swamped)

I was looking at this one; it has a convenience zip! I like this especially how a lady ex-olympic sailor talked of having to go in the suit...

unfortunately I have a small budget, it's not because I'm cheap it's because that's what I have. So I'm looking for affordable but functional options.

I'd appreciate any helpful input