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    Default BROTM (3) Abri.

    Post number 3 of the December BROTM sequel


    I walked my dog on the North Sea beach yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately it was a very grey day and the temperature was gradually dropping to approximately 0 degrees Celsius. The wind from the North East blew straight from Siberia and was very cold.
    When I walked back to my car on the parking spot on top of the dunes I passed this installation.


    It is named “Abri” and was constructed in stainless steel by two Dutch artists in 1993.
    Abri is a French/Latin word which was incorporated in the Dutch language, in French Abriter is the word for shelter, in Latin Aprīcārī is the word for staying warm. In the Dutch language the word “Abri” is used as the name for the little shelter you use when waiting for the public transport buses or trains.

    abri halte.jpg

    I wanted to try the device so I climbed the stairs and sat down on the little bench. I immediately felt a lot more comfortable, the parabolic dish really offered shelter from the cold easterly wind.
    I spend some time there to watch the ships navigating to the North Sea channel and Amsterdam.


    But there was another hidden aspect.
    When you sit on the little bench your head is placed exactly in the focal point of the parabolic dish. The dish is aimed at the low water surf line which is not visible in the photo due to the high tide.
    And suddenly you realize that your hearing capacity has improved enormously, you can hear the birds on the beach, you can hear the waves breaking, you can hear people talking, I even thought I heard Mick Taylor play the solo of a familiar Stones song.

    As a former manager, I know that listening well is one of the most difficult aspects of leadership.
    This could be the ultimate management support device, it offers protection against external storms and bias and seriously increases your listening capacities.
    I am going to write a letter to Santa immediately, I want a portable one for Christmas.
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