Mijn ego´sme is van mij !, My egoism is mine !

Last summer I went for a ride on my racing bike.
While cycling on a small country road a car approached from the opposite direction. The lady drove on my side of the road and somehow seemed to anticipate that I would make way for her.
The shoulder of this specific road is made of a very soft peat/clay mixture and it slopes down to the water, so for obvious reasons I didn’t steer into the shoulder but simply stopped on the tarmac.


The meeting point.

The lady was not amused and immediately went into full “Karen-mode”, she stopped the car and started screaming.
After about a minute she seemed to calm down a bit, I told her quietly that I found her driving style rather selfish (= “ego´stisch“ in Dutch) and dangerous.

The lady exploded and screamed at me; “MIJN EGO¤SME IS VAN MIJ !” (MY EGOISM IS MINE !), and completely ignored the danger argument.
I thought it was a brilliantly fitting statement and I must admit that I was rather amused by it.
After the exchange of some additional “arguments” we both continued on our way, nothing bad happened but we didn’t solve the conflict.

During this continued cycle trip I started thinking about the incident, cycling is a repetitive movement and very suitable for the “ZEN-like” development of ideas.
I decided I needed to learn more about the origins of egoism and I certainly should develop a more effective strategy to counteract egoism.

A simple Google search was sufficient for a few hours of egoism study.
I learned a lot about overestimation and underestimation of one’s own qualities as promoting causes for unhealthy egoism.
But I also learned that you need a certain amount of egoism to function as an autonomous person.
Acquiring insight in effective counteract strategies proved to be a more complicated quest.

I’m wondering what would be an effective strategy to counteract excessive egoism?