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Thread: oh Herschel, residence issues

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    We got rid of the property ownership requirement for voting eligibility a long time ago so the idea he rents a place isn't the issue. The idea that he appears to have moved back to a state he left a long time ago for the sole purpose of cashing in on his celebrity one more time and half the voters there think that is okay? Now that is a problem.

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    Also to get the Texas homestead credit he had to swear that place was his full time home. If he lied to Texas, he faces severe civil and perhaps criminal penalties. If he lied to Georgia, he can't run.

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    A lot of posts disagree with me. I am very curious as to why the Democratic candidate has not pointed out that Walker cannot run. So I did a search and found in my favorite paper a few comments. I am not going to say they are right, but they do agree with me. And I found that the Democratic party in Georgia wants an investigation into the matter. A bit late in the game perhaps. But we may see what the state thinks. (todays paper even. how about that.)

    Does a candidate have to live in the state they are running to represent?

    No, though the Constitution requires senators to reside in the state they represent after they are elected.
    I take this as: reside (inhabit) in the sense of federal law not state law. I don't have a federal law dictionary to give a definition.

    What has Mr. Walker said about whether he resides in Georgia?

    In an interview posted in September by Rolling Out, a multimedia company, Mr. Walker said that he often stayed at a hotel in Atlanta instead of his residence of “about 17 years” because of the upkeep involved in maintaining the home.
    I find that a reasonable alternative to owning property. Again residing is in terms of federal law not state law.

    Is the Texas homestead arrangement illegal?
    No. According to the Texas Comptroller’s office, recipients of homestead exemptions can continue to receive them if they temporarily move away from their home. Mr. Walker is barred from establishing a principal residence elsewhere under the program’s conditions, but he would still be eligible for the tax break if he intended to return to his home in Texas and moved away for less than two years.
    I guess the question is can one inhabit a place other than one's principal residence. I think the answer is yes. But some court may have a different opinion.

    In time we will find out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy W View Post
    OK, Walker can go back home and Raphael and Michelle can quit leaving messages on my answering machine.

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    Unlike every other day recently, I haven't gotten any calls today wanting me to vote. Do they really know already that I have voted?

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    I happened to be on the road for work on the 8th so I voted via absentee-ballot, and man as soon as that hit the mailbox I was about 50% less-bothered by all of the political ads and texts and such. A really remarkable relief for no real reason at all.
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    Hershel Walker giving new meaning to the phrase "Nobody's home. "
    Steve Martinsen

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